About Us

Located in the heart of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Providence Seafoods Inc. brings the best of the world's live and frozen seafood to you through our exclusive brand "Ocean Ruby".

Founded in 2002 as a seafood commodity trading company, Providence Seafoods Inc. was opened for business with one main goal: to provide finest seafood to our customers around the world. Today, we offer a wide range of seafood products designed to meet the needs of our customers. Most of Providence Seafoods Inc. products now marketed under our registered "Ocean Ruby"  brand name but we can provide products under private labels as well.

Providence Seafoods Inc. is utilizing services of several processing plants, located in Canada, the USA, China and South America. Here we specialize in value-added, as well as LIVE, crab and fish products. Since 2002, Providence Seafoods Inc. became involved in trading and processing seafood in Russian Far East and People's Republic of China. We now have several strong, long-term relationships with Russian producers/processors of crab and with several seafood processing plants throughout China. Each facility is strategically located in its region to ensure that our seafood is as fresh as possible, and processed according to approved standards.

Throughout our history (dating back to our management's roots in Europe), Providence Seafoods Inc. has remained committed to our business and to exceeding the expectations of our customers. We constantly looking to improve our services and to broaden our range of quality seafood. Our management team is made up of dedicated professionals ready to help you keep pace with the changing demands of the market place.

Our experience, marketing knowledge, and reputation has established us as a dependable partner. Our company will be honoured if you contact us with your seafood needs.



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